It was very special shows. Special for Yoni, special for audience and special for me.

Yoni came back to Israel with 2 birthday shows- his own birthday and 7 years for his album “Bad Habits”. Of course, I couldn’t miss it, it was my second time when I was shooting Yoni’s show, the first time was 7 years ago. It was 5 month from my aliyah and it was a great show in small Jerusalem club- “Yellow Submarine”. After 2010 Yoni started working on his media startup and few times we contacted about design.
It was 2 awesome shows for true fans (2 sold outs in Barby club) with special guests- Efrat Gosh and Jane Bordeaux band. Good vibes, funny comments from Yoni and a lot of great music. You know, sometimes you’re going to the show and you understand that it will be a show, but sometimes you’re going to the show like to the family evening with brothers, sisters and good friends. This time the shows were like a family evening- warm and joyful, which I want to remember until 2024 and next birthday shows;-)

Efrat Gosh.

Tal Zubalsky (bass).

Tomer Lahav (guitar).

Jane Bordeaux.

Daniel Koren (piano).

Daniel Bloch (drums and Yoni’s brother).