Rockfour is a psychedelic rock band from Holon, Israel. Rockfour was formed in 1988.

Rockfour sometimes employ the compositional style, though not the winding melodies, of progressive rock groups such as King Crimson and Genesis, most notably on the songs “She’s Full of Fears” from Supermarket and “Old Village House” from Memories of the Never Happened. The mellotron, played in a style quite close to that of Robert Fripp of King Crimson, has also appeared on many of the band’s studio recordings.
Starting with One Fantastic Day, they have incorporated the heavy, distorted guitar-sound of alternative rock, though it was toned down since the departure of LuLai. Live performances of older material maintain this style.

It was great show with interesting guest-list: Stella Gotshtein, Taanei Ester, Efrat Ben-Zur, Eli Lulai, Drunkk Machinne, 1-2 Many and Tal Gordon.
Unfortunately, it isn’t my music… Yes, it’s a rock, but rock from past, from 2000.