I couldn’t miss this show, it was very important to me to get an accreditation for a photographer. 10 years ago, in November 2008 I bought my first DSLR-camera and went to my first music show in Moscow (who knew that it will change my life for the next 10 years and I’ll photograph more than 500 shows in 3 different countries?).
In 2008 I bought my first ticket to the music show, it was Noize MC’s gig in the famous Moscow club- “Tochka”, it was a rock club, really undergrounded place in the hearth of the city. After this show, I was getting the accreditations to the different clubs, but “Tochka” always was The First, as Noize MC. So when I was told that in Tel Aviv would be new Noize MC show, I decided that my trip to Berlin can wait, but I need to photograph they show again, after 10 years. It was my personal gestalt.

I didn’t find the photos from 2008, but I found a few photos from the Noize MC’s show in Dnepropetrovsk in 2011.