Max Korzh- Belarusian singer and songwriter from famous hip-hop label- Respect Production.

I have to admit- when I heard his music for the first time (it was song “Live it up”, 2 years ago), I thought- “What hell is it?!” But it was a virus, so I started listening his music again and again. And now I can say, that if I need music for good mood, I’m listening his albums. And few words about the show… It was great gig with long organization process (I was a part of this, so I know what I’m saying)- so at the end we got full hall, good sound and great (for listeners) light. Unfortunately, this light was awful for photography, but I tried to make photos with good quality (not for Facebook pages, but for high-resolution). I want to say thank you to production team and gig staff. Thank you guys, it was awesome, but from now I’d rather just be a photographer😆

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