My relationship with this project is a long story…

I sent them my portfolio and we talked on Skype, but, unfortunately, at the end they started to work with other designer. I followed the Hykoo project, because I think it’s very interesting and strong idea for new type of creative platform. Month ago they released an application, but in my humble opinion they created…they created pony from cartoons.
Sometimes I create concepts for different projects in web and mobile platforms – I think, it’s a regular situation, if you like what you doing. So, month ago I decided to create my own design for Hykoo application. Something conceptually strong and capable to “fight” with other video applications (especially with Instagram and Vine). I wanted to create something interesting, powerful but different from “white-style” applications.
iconsI spent 6-7 days to create new screens and 1-2 days for icons and stickers, I used 2 official colors and mechanics (from existing version).
I present you my design concept for application, and starting to create new concepts- official website (I create unofficial versions, so “©Daniel Polevoy, all rights reserved”). Keep in touch!