For the first time, I’ve heard Bonobo when I lived in Moscow, in 2011.

My good friend recommended me Bonobo’s music as something fresh and interesting. In 2010 it was really something new for me and my music tastes, Bonobo (Simon Green) presented his fourth album “Black Sands”, which was the starting point for me. I can’t explain why Bonobo’s music so special or how his music tells the stories, but I know only 3 musicians who balance between electronic music and “real” music- Bonobo, Parov Stelar, and J.Views. Yes, nowadays I can find a lot of musicians who work in the same genre, but for me, these 3 are the example of how it should be done.

I didn’t believe that I’ll get an accreditation, you know, it’s very hard to get an accreditation on the big shows when you’re the freelancer, who doesn’t work with magazines and promoters (why? because even if you’re really good in photography, they already have their own photographers). But I got a permission for the shooting the show and I wanted to say thank you to Jonathan Loewenthal from the Shuki Weiss Presents and Moran Paz PR, thank you, guys.
And now the photos!