Finally after 2 years of waiting I shot his show in Tel Aviv.

To be honest, I don’t like Basta’s music, for me it’s like a pop-music in rap world (very soft, “cozy” and of course about love), I like much more aggressive music, something between rap and rock. By the way, Basta has a side-project called Noggano and for me this project more interesting.
2 Years ago I didn’t get an accreditation to the Basta’s show so this time it was a challenge for me- to get an accept for photo shooting. It was not easy to shoot this show, you can see what was happening in the club and how many people were there, I tried to move from one part of the club to the other,but it took 5-6 minutes (I think there were minimum 1000 people, maybe 1200). And now photos:-)